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I love languages - specifically the Spanish language and culture. I worked hard in high school and college, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Spanish teacher. I wanted to continue to travel the world while sharing my passion for language, culture, and travel with the next generation. 

And I accomplished that! I became a high school Spanish teacher, and that job was an incredible joy for me. I got to chaperon trips to other countries, form great relationships with my students, and immerse myself in nerdy grammar and vocabulary activities.

When I got pregnant with our daughter, Philippa, I struggled for a long time with a.) whether or not I wanted to stay home with her, and b.) whether or not we could afford for me to stay home with her. (My husband is a teacher, too, and teachers don't make that much money...)

I ultimately decided to resign from my teaching job, and stay home with my classroom of one (soon to be two!), trusting that the Lord would provide an answer for us. He would provide a way for us to make it work financially. And he did! It just wasn't the answer I thought it would be...

Now I still get to teach a few hours of Spanish each week, and I remain passionate about that. But what's even more exciting is having the chance to help others get healthy while creating a financial legacy for our family. Not just survival, not having *just* enough to pay the bills each month - a legacy. Meanwhile, I never have to miss a single milestone with my babies! 

Read more about what I do, and how I finally decided to do it here.  

My thoughts 5 months after starting are here

how do you schedule your time?

That's a challenge I'm still working on, but here is what I've learned so far.

what exactly do you do?

here is more of an explanation in Q&A format

how can I get started?

You can contact me at with questions - I would love to share more about what I do!

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