Emilia de la Playa ~ Beach Emily
my alter ego

the story behind the name
I first discovered my alter ego on a college Spanish immersion trip to Ecuador in 2008.
Emilia de la Playa was barefoot and spontaneous. She was who I wanted to be all the time. 
But like all travel and vacation personas we assume, Emilia de la Playa faded as the Minnesota winter set in. Since then, I have been on a quest to discover if a beach bum can exist on a landlocked tundra. 

this blog
Emilia de la Playa is a lifestyle blog which chronicles everyday occurrences told in hyperbole, my pursuit to teach my baby Spanish, and my eternal quest to travel - especially to any place with a beach!

I am married to a wonderful man who keeps me laughing. Baby Pip is the newest addition to our family. She is by far my favorite Spanish student. While I previously enjoyed a career as a high school Spanish and German teacher, I have scaled back to spend most of my time at home educating my daughter. I am constantly plotting my next trip and looking up plane tickets. 10 countries and counting! 

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