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In my high school philosophy class, our culminating project was to create a utopian society. It was an incredible exercise in recognizing what each student truly valued. One thing I remember about my utopia was that each person wore matching cloaks - comfortable, shapeless, and plain. Thinking back on it, I believe I decided on the cloaks not because I dislike fashion, but because I figured it was one less thing people would have to decide on each day. One less choice people would have to make. One less thing they would have to spend money on. 

Well sundresses kind of solve that problem, don't they? A sundress is an outfit unto itself. A sundress is comfortable, and eliminates choices. Just throw one on, maybe add a pair of earrings or a bracelet if you're feeling fancy, and out the door you go. Not to mention it's a bit more fun to wear than a shapeless cloak. 

Anyway, we're back from our vacation in Wisconsin! After visiting family for three amazing weeks, we are happy to be back in a routine - especially with the little ones! We thought we were getting a break from the Florida heat by escaping to the midwest, but a heatwave followed us, and I was sure glad I packed my sundresses! There were quite a few days during our trip where we had a mix of events going on; some as low key as meeting someone for lunch, while others were more special, like a first birthday party! A casual dress made the perfect outfit to look appropriately dressed for whatever was going on that day. After all, they're comfortable, even in the heat of the day, but still look polished and put together. And I would almost always be overdressed than underdressed! 

I actually borrowed this dress from my younger sister while I was home, but liked it so much that I think I'll be investing in a chambray dress myself soon! They're so versatile! And since I'm all about that minimalist wardrobe, versatile is right up my alley.
The dress Pippa is wearing is from H&M kids, and I'm thinking about buying a few more. At $4.99, they really are a steal, plus they have such fun prints for little girls! H&M kids is seriously a hidden gem of affordable children's clothes. (And I'm not getting paid to say this - H&M has no idea who I am...I just recently discovered their kids' clothes and am in love!) 

Bracelet is the Rainforest Wrap from my friend Karen's Trades of Hope website! Its a company that empowers women around the world out of poverty - accessories with a purpose! Check out her Facebook Page for more info.
Peace, love, and sundresses!


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