philippa's third birthday

Happy Third Birthday, Phillipa Florence! It's been a crazy year of changes for you. Shortly after turning 2 you moved from Minnesota to Florida and got a baby brother! You started school for the first time, moved to a big girl bed, got potty trained, and moved to yet another house. You handled it all so well, like I knew you would. Sure, there were tantrums and tears, but we knew we'd figure it out together. You always keep us laughing with your big words, jokes, silly songs, and funny faces.

 I can't believe how strong and independent you're becoming! I see so much of your dad in you - in your sense of humor, and in how sociable you are. You make friends with anyone and everyone wherever you go. I pray you keep your adventurous spirit and zest for life as you grow older. It's what makes you Pippa! Keep letting that light shine! Happy birthday, and here's to another year or growth, change, fun, and laughter. Love you!

And now, here's a glimpse into Pippa's third birthday celebration:

Philippa Florence

you have traveled to:

North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
Iceland (a layover...but still)

you have lived in 5 apartments/houses
in Minnesota and Florida

you're awesome because you:

can count in English and Spanish
can say the Lord's Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and your bedtime prayers
love to put on shows and performances for us
beg for the windows down when we drive
love to read and be read to
are an amazing big sister to Teddy
sing Jesus Loves Me in English and Spanish
play your Little People by yourself for hours
love brushing your teeth with the Disney Magic Timer app
are excited to learn and use Spanish words
use words like "enormous" and "unsanitary"
are Mommy's helper and Daddy's little girl
love to eat green peppers, any type of fruit, and salad
smother your Pablo with hugs, kisses, and snuggles - whether he wants it or not
pet any dog you come in contact with
know how to bargain for more cookies, chocolate chips, and Lucky Charms
handled 5 huge life changes like a champ (new brother, new house, new state, big girl bed, potty training)

favorite foods:
cheese, any kind of berries, green peppers, salad with croutons, pasta, cookies, cereal, shakes (batidos)

favorite songs:
Jesus Loves Me / Cristo Me Ama
Let It Go (Frozen)
Cheerleader (Omi)
I'll Make a Man Out of You (Mulan)
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Songs

favorite shows/movies:
Little Einsteins
Dora the Explorer
Mickey Mouse Club House
Daniel Tiger

I posted this interview on my Facebook page, but here is an interview with Pippa about her favorite things. I  plan to do this with her each year to see how she grows and changes:

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