working from home: what you need to know

I’m willing to bet that if you logged onto Facebook right now, you would be able to find at least a handful of friends or acquaintances with a home based business. You’ve attended their parties and supported their businesses. Maybe you’ve even gotten annoyed by it - why does everyone want to sell me something?

Everyone has - and is entitled to - their own opinion on the subject, but the fact of the matter is that with technology like smart phones and computers in every home, home based businesses are on the rise. Stay-at-home-parents have found a way to contribute to their family income. College students are paying off their student loans before they graduate. Successful 9-5ers have a passive second stream of income. You’ve seen so many acquaintances start their own venture, but so far you have just watched from the sidelines. Maybe you’re scared of being that person at family gatherings that no one wants to talk to. Maybe you’re nervous about alienating friends or getting blocked on Facebook. Maybe you’re not a people person, or you’re an introvert, and you just can’t see yourself being successful. Maybe you’ve worked retail, and you hate pressuring people to buy something.

If any of those concerns or objections spoke to you, then you and I have something in common. The potential to make a significant income from home is tempting, but you’re not willing to betray who you are or ruin relationships in the process. I get it. I’m the same way. And yet something inside me could not let go of the idea that maybe - just maybe- I could do it too. So objections in hand, I approached the most successful person I knew in the business and grilled her. How do you keep relationships intact? How do you balance work and family time when you work where you live and live where you work? Are you actually earning any money?

One phrase our company repeats over and over is this: We educate. You decide. We support.

Because in order to make an informed decision, each person needs the facts. They need to hear from people that have done it, and are doing it. Not just negative reviews online or anecdotes from friends who didn’t put in the work and didn’t see the results they wanted. Each person needs to block out the noise of opinions from other people so they can hear what this business is really about, then through careful thought and prayer make the best decision for themselves and their family. 

So this is me, busting through the noise to give you the facts and to share my story. I’m an introvert. I used to work retail and HATED sales. I think relationships are one of the most important things we have on this earth. I want everyone to feel comfortable around me. I don’t like to ruffle feathers. But I’m doing the thing. I’m experiencing success. And if you’re like me and are wondering if you can do it, too, take a listen to this story, then make your decision. You won’t regret being more informed! 

Click the link immediately below to hear my story, and the stories of 2 other normal, God-fearning, hard-working women who are experiencing success. If something in this recording speaks to you, reach out and email me! Let’s chat further to see if this could be a blessing for you and your family.

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