friday favorites #5

Happy Friday, y'all! I haven't done a Friday Favorites post in awhile, but it just felt right this week. We've been busy, but still enjoying the freedom that summer brings. I'm getting better at getting out of the house with the kids in the morning, and being more productive during down time. Here are some of the things we've been loving so far this summer!

Library story time

Library story time satisfies all my criteria for a good outing where I'm outnumbered by the kids. It's free, it's educational, we're in a contained space, and the kids are entertained. This week's theme was outer space, and Pippa hasn't stopped talking about rocket ships, la luna (the moon), and the librarians who went all out and dressed up in space suits. And don't forget the thrill of picking out a new stack of books to take home afterward! I chose All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and I'm loving it so far! Added bonus: library story time is where I have met all my mom friends in the area besides church and school!


Audio Books

While we're on this topic, I also want to bring up audio books for in the car. I used to borrow audio books for my commute to and from work and almost hoped for traffic so I could listen to more of the book! I just discovered that our library has an audio book section for kids. The closest thing I could find to a preschool-age appropriate book was the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park. Pippa is actually listening to the story, but I don't like how many times Junie B. says "stupid" and "shut up." You know, the "s words." So I'm on the hunt for something a 3 year old would like listening to in the car. Ideas?

Summer Schedules

It took us awhile to get into a groove this summer. We're both teachers who have "off" during the summer months, but we're still at school all the time lesson planning, helping with summer activities, attending meetings, and getting ready for the upcoming school year.  What's worked for us so far is switching off days to go get planning done away from the kids, which leaves the other parent at home with 2 small children. Summer in Florida is like winter in the midwest in that you're stuck inside a lot of the time due to extremely warm weather. Especially with a baby, we try to limit outdoor time in the heat of the day. That means lots of downtime inside the house. Which means there's always the temptation to turn on the tv or just be lazy.

But that didn't turn out well for the kids or us, so we've been working on staying disciplined in a routine. Waking up early to work out, turn off the tv during the day, and coming up with activities and outings to keep all of us busy. It's been just the perfect mix of structure and relaxation, and we're loving it so far!

Avocado Smoothies

I made both kids a green smoothie for lunch yesterday, and ended up drinking most of it myself because it was that good! 1 frozen banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 avocado, 1 handful of spinach, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It was so creamy! Justin even tasted it and said it tasted like a banana bread smoothie...I call that a win!

Splash Pad

We tried our first splash pad this past weekend with the kids. Pippa was apprehensive at first, because the water can be a little aggressive, but she ended up loving it! It was so fun to watch her shriek as she dashed through the cascading water. I would definitely go back to the splash park we chose, because there was a playground nearby that was little kid friendly, and it was right on the beach as well! There were clean restrooms, and they even had a private family bathroom that was large enough to change the kids for the ride home. It ended up being the perfect day out. I can't wait to try out the other splash parks in the area!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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