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These days we're flooded with information about health and nutrition, and it can be tough to figure out how to apply it to our daily lives. I know I need to eat balanced and health meals, get protein, fiber, healthy fats, and carbs, and limit added sugars, but what does that look like when I'm preparing dinner for my family? What does that look like when I'm wandering the aisles of the grocery store?

Counting calories or macros, keeping a food journal, and cutting out certain foods all feel restrictive to me, and like too much work. This is not to say that they don't work - they all certainly do! But each individual is different. If I can't even remember my dad's birthday each year (sorry Dad!), I'm certainly not going to remember to write down every bite of food, or enter it in a calorie counting app. I'm someone who doesn't handle details well, so these techniques might work for a more detail-oriented person.

But as for me, if you tell me I can't have baked goods, I'll end up eating a whole box of donut holes from Dunkin Donuts. If you tell me to write down everything I eat, I'll find ways to "sneak" food and justify why I don't have to write it down.

That's why I love my nutrition program. It's not restrictive, and it fits right into my lifestyle. I was already making smoothies every day, so it seemed natural to substitute one of the shakes. And as a part time SAHM, part time working mom, I don't love spending time in the kitchen preparing my own lunch. Knowing our whole family is getting great nutrition, even if we don't happen to meet our quota for fruits and veggies every day, truly puts my mind at easy. I know at least one of our meals every day is perfectly balanced and clean!

I talked in this post about why I love the cleansing portion of the program, so I won't talk more about it now, but I do want to say that the fat burning chocolates are one of my favorite parts of the program. These little pieces of heaven are Belgian-style and formulated at a low temperature with the purest of chocolate, green tea, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to curb cravings and give you a brain boost! (This is why it's perfect for a cleanse day! Instead of feeling deprived and craving junk food, you're feeding your brain and curbing those cravings!) In addition to a cleanse support tool, it's awesome to eat 30 minutes before a meal to help control portion sizes, since your brain will be partially satisfied before sitting down to eat. (Learn more about the science here).

Anyway, I love these chocolates so much that I just have to share them! I'm giving away a box of these fat-burning chocolates to one lucky winner. It's a $53 dollar value, and you can choose from 4 flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mint chocolate, and sea salt caramel. Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win! Contest goes through Wednesday, May 4. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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