my wellness philosophy

Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend.

Fruit is a divine gift from above, but it's not dessert.

Exercise to feel strong and confident. Exercise to be capable for your tasks. Don't exercise to be skinny.

Bright eyes and a cheerful smile create a happy heart.

Impromptu dance parties "count" as cardio for the day.

Hidden vegetables are the best vegetables.

Drink lots of water, maybe some wine on the weekends. I would say never drink soda, but every so often a girl needs a Cuba Libre with lime.

Sugar is not evil. Neither are carbs, fats, or dairy.

Spiritual health comes first. Stay connected to the Word.

Long walks with loved ones are good exercise, but more importantly they're good for the soul.

Read books that make you happy - not the ones that you think will impress others.

Take care of yourself physically, but don't deprive or punish yourself.

Eat healthy 80% of the time, and avoid extreme diets.

Cleansing sounds super weird and dangerous, but there is a safe and effective way to do it! Not to mention the Bible gives plenty of instances of fasting - it clears the mind and helps you focus on what's important.

Don't let others shame you for making healthy choices. They are projecting their insecurities onto you.

God has given you one body that is capable of amazing things. Take care of it.

God has given you a powerful mind. Cultivate it.

God has given you a bold spirit. Take chances.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your Creator treasures, values, and loves you - live accordingly.

** disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer or registered dietitian. These are simply my views & experiences on staying healthy **

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