Last year I did mini resolutions - and I loved it! It was so much easier to make small changes in my life rather than doing a complete overhaul on January 1st and expecting it to stick after the feeling of motivation had passed. I did very well with my monthly goals until we had a baby, moved, and started new jobs in the same summer. Then the goal was survival.

This year I have decided on a One Word Theme √† la Gretchen Rubin. My word is prepare.

I chose this word because I dislike urgency and love to linger. But my lingering is causing me to be unprepared for my day, which causes me to rush around like a crazy person shoving diapers, wipes, and power bars into my bag, 10 minutes late for wherever I'm supposed to be.

It doesn't have to be like this!

As with many things in life, the more structure I have, the more freedom I am allowed. So in addition to scheduling my week ahead of time, I will prepare by laying out clothes the night before, packing lunches, packing bags, and enacting a 10 minute clean up before bed. I think the most important component to fixing this issue, though, is waking up earlier, and getting my makeup and hair done before the day begins.

I am so sick of feeling irresponsible and rushed. I'm unkind, brusque, and stressed when I'm running late. It has to change, and it has to change quickly.

On the flip side, when I prepare for my day, I can linger without guilt. I have more time for the things I enjoy, I am kinder to my husband and children, and I actually feel like a responsible adult.

I will still have goals to hit throughout the year, just not in the form of resolutions. I'll be reading the entire Bible in a year with a group from my church. I want to use less creamer in my coffee. I need to drink more water. I will be leading a personal development book club in which we read one book each month. I have huge business goals. We are continuously improving our budgeting process. I know this will all be achieved with small changes as the year goes on, though, and not all at once.

Just typing this up is getting me so excited for everything that's coming up in 2016! It's going to be an incredible year!

Do you pick a One Word Theme for the year? What's yours?

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