friday favorites #4

¡Feliz viernes, amigos! Let's get this party started! Grab your coffee, avoid some responsibilities, and let's chat about all the awesome stuff that happened this week.

Friday Favorites

Teddy Bear in his bouncer

Basically all he has wanted since the day he was born is to be included in all the family activities. If he's not sitting up so he can see everyone, he gets very moody. I brought out the bouncer early last week, and it has given me the freedom to finish an entire mug of coffee on multiple occasions. He can see his big sister from this perch, play with all the fun toys attached, or his personal favorite, just sit back and suck on his hand while observing the world.

Toddler Talks

Pippa asked me after school, "Mommy, can I have a snack, lay down on the couch, and watch Handy Manny?" Isn't that what we all want out of life?
Which brings me to my next favorite...

Handy Manny

Netflix has way too many options for a 2 year old to handle. Some of the shows she chooses range from cute, to weird, to super annoying (I'm looking at you, Caillou.) When she chose Handy Manny as the show she wanted to watch the other morning, I was skeptical. A show about tools? Come on, Pippa.
But I actually like this show! As in, I try to trick Pippa into picking it every morning. They include quite a bit of Spanish in the show (huge win for me), and I think I've learned how to repair a few things around the house. Thanks, Manny and Tools!

Softsoap Antibacterial in Crisp Clean 

In all honesty, Justin picked this up at the store because we were almost out of soap in our bathroom, and it was super cheap. For some reason, we can't get enough of how good it smells. I keep finding excuses to wash my hands...

Lifting heavy weights

I have really noticed a difference in how my clothes are fitting since I've started incorporating heavy lifts into my workout routine. I start with heavy lifting, then finish my workout with a plyometric cardio circuit. I feel like I'm really maximizing my short time at the gym, and my workouts fly by. Unlike running on a treadmill.

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

I used this crockpot recipe. So filling, so delicious, and full of hidden vegetables! A perfect winter recipe.

Favorite Reads

So you want to start a side business, but you don't like selling? This article is for you.

Mamas working on losing that baby weight: here is some GREAT advice. This woman is a wonderful role model both spiritually and physically.

Maybe the holidays don't have to be so stressful. It's a choice!

Decision detox - I need this in my life. Also, she is hilarious.

This Advent devotional series.

So what's making you smile this week?

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