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Philippa Florence is 2 years, 5 months. What? Almost 2 and a half? What happened to my pint-sized baby girl?
She's gone and developed her own personality, preferences, and sense of humor. She loves "girly" things like headbands, bows, Sophia the First, princesses, Minnie Mouse, and Mommy's makeup. BUT she also loves Curious George, blocks, books, letter magnets, volleyball, Little People, and the Packers, so I feel like her interests are well-rounded. 
1. Pippa's eye patch and pirate ship chart // 2. matching headbands
3. The FL humidity is doing a number on Pippa's curls // 4. Ice cream on the beach

1. kid loves playing with her blocks // 2. Aunt Annie's biggest fan!
3. Kitty backpack, Curious George, Sophia the First lunchbox - ready for school! // 4. Loves playing with Mommy's makeup.
+ Every time she sees me doing my hair she says, "Oh! You doing hair? I'll get the makeup."
+ She loves finding coins on the sidewalk or in the car. "Money!" But my heart burst right out of chest when I heard her say, "Money is for thank you Jesus." (We will occasionally give her a dollar bill to put in the offering plate at church).
+ When she comes home from school she announces to her stuffed animals, "Hi animals! I'm back!"
+ Each day when I get her from school, she shouts in utter shock and sheer joy, "You came BACK! Mommy always comes back."
+ At dinner: "So, Mommy. How you day at school? Great day?"
+ Whenever Justin sings or acts silly, "Justin, stop."
+ She does this new thing where she speaks crazy gibberish. I'll ask her, "Are you speaking Spanish or English?" "Spanish, Mommy!"
+ Sandwich is pronounced "shauwitz."
+ Is wearing an eye patch for an hour/day to correct a slightly lazy eye (only shows up when she's tired).
+ When she had a cold, "I'm feeling sickies. I need medicine."
+ About Teddy: "He love me! He's so cute! He's smiling. Mommy he crying! He hungry for leche."
+ To Teddy: "Hi Teddy Bear. Hi Big Boy. You give me a smile?"
+ Sometimes at night I'll lay in her big girl bed with her until she falls asleep. That's when she starts talking to me about her school day, names all her friends, and tells me what they play. The best!
+ Often pretends to leave by grabbing my backpack and heading out the door. "Bye! I go to work! See you tomorrow!"
+ "Mommy you so pretty."
+ Love to group things together - toys, magnets, food, whatever - and say, "Look! They all friends!"
+ "Just look, don't touch!"

Theodore Scott - 3 Month Update
1. A gentleman and a scholar // 2. Preppy beach look
3. Old man vacationing in Florida // 4. He's a thumb-sucker!

1. He's formal, but he's here to party. // 2. Sweet boy in his white tee
3. So happy when he wakes up in the morning! // 4. Loves kicking and stretching!

Teddy's a dreamboat. He sleeps from 7 p.m. - 7:30 a.m. with a dream feed at 10 or 11 p.m. He smiles at almost anyone who will make eye contact with him. Such a flirty little dude! He's just the most laid back, happy kid right now - and I'm praying that doesn't change!

+ Sleeps 12 hours at night
+ Eats...a lot. And subsequently spits up a lot.
+ Working so hard at rolling over. Not there yet, but getting so close!
+ Is fascinated by his big sister Pippa.
+ Loves to chat with Mommy and Daddy. Makes the "guh" sound a lot. Also some gurgling and cooing. Will give extended monologues if Pippa is quiet for long enough.
+ We play a game where I stick my tongue out at him, blow bubbles, or make a rolling r sound, and he tries to copy it.
+ Sucks his thumb! First he wouldn't take the chupie (pacifier), then he starting sucking his hand, and now he found his thumb. I didn't know what to think at first, but now I kind of like it. He self-soothes so easily.
+ Loves to observe, and just wants to be part of the action. He is content as long as he can see what is going on!
+ In my opinion, looks like a human emoji. Round face, big round eyes, those expressions...
+ Thigh rolls for days and days.
+ Now sleeps with his arms out of the swaddle.
+ I have no idea what his nap schedule is. Should I?

Justin + Emily

+ Life is busy and full, but so much fun. Work hard, play hard!
+ Justin is settling into his new teaching job, is in charge of Pippa's bedtime routine now, and cooks about half the meals. (Especially pancakes. I'm not allowed in the kitchen when he makes pancakes)
+ Emily is balancing teaching very part time, getting out of the house with 2 children, running her health business, and trying to read more than 1 paragraph of a book at a time.
+ We are loving the Florida weather as we head into fall and winter. Mid 80s for trick or treating? We'll take it!
+ Finally kicked Teddy out of our room completely. Bassinet is in the garage, changing table is in the nursery. Our room looks really big suddenly!
+ We keep talking about having a date night...soon...

Halloween 2015

Pippa got 3 opportunities to wear a costume - Library story time, Halloween party at school, and Trick or Treat. Here were her 3 costumes (thankfully all ones we had on hand):

Teddy was the cutest Charlie Brown you ever did see.

And we had absolutely no Halloween spirit and did not dress up.

We have been gifted with so much more than we deserve. I pray each day and thank God for our family, our work, our life, our health, and his grace. I also pray each day and ask for his guidance as I manage the many blessings he has entrusted me with. What a life!

Happy Autumn, Reformation, Halloween, All Saints Day, and Día de los Muertos!

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