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I might be about to jinx myself, but I think I'm starting to settle into this "being a mom of 2" thing. By no means am I doing it perfectly, or even with grace, but our days are starting to have a routine to them, I'm not packing up the entire house every time we leave, and I no longer feel like everyday tasks are on the emergency level of fire breathing termites with a stockpile of weaponry taking over the world.

Theodore is sleeping through the night. What's that sound? Oh! It's a chorus of angels singing their heavenly tune. We put him to bed at 7, wake him for a 10 p.m. feeding, and then he sleeps until about 6:30 every morning. Feels good to be human again.

So, yeah. Life is still busy (wait, we have banned that word from society, so...) our days are still very full. But, BUT, we're figuring it out. Doing the bulk of our lesson planning and correcting on the weekend even when we don't feel like it, because it makes our weeks that much smoother. We're writing things on the calendar like "going to the gym" or "budget meeting," because if they're on the calendar, then they are an actual appointment we can't break.

Anyway! That's our life. Probably 95% of the western world can relate. So instead of waxing on about the minutiae of our days, let me share some of my favorite things from this week!

The Spanish Children's Books section at the library

Pippa has so many books. Too many books (is there such a thing?). So I really don't want to go out and buy more for her. But it's still nice to throw new books into the rotation from time to time. Enter the library. She's finally old enough to actually choose books she wants to read. I always lead her to the Spanish section, more to motivate me to keep speaking Spanish to her than anything else. Anyway, they have a great little selection of books. Here are a few from this week:

Chris Brown's True Stewardship Podcast

After some prayer and time meditating on the Word and the goals for my business, it became clear to me that unless I was managing God's money properly, there was no reason for him to entrust me with more. We had a very wishy-washy budget, but I knew it was time to get serious of kicking those student loans in the teeth. After listening to a few hours of the Dave Ramsey podcast, I stumbled upon this one. It takes a Biblical look at what stewardship really is, and how it applies to our lives.

The thing I like most about this podcast, is that it keeps my financial goals in front of me constantly. That's the problem with most goals - if we don't keep our WHY, or the final outcome in front of us, we lose steam when things get hard. With this podcast it's like I've got a huge support system of people striving for the same thing as me!

Toddler Talks

This kid is killing me. Her language is exploding and I love it! I marvel at the sentences that come out of her mouth on a daily basis. I'm going to have to do a separate post on all the things she's been saying lately, but let's just say phrases like, "Oh Mommy. You so pretty with makeup." and "What lizard dooo-ing? She finding food." have come out of her mouth.
Someone got into Mommy's makeup

Yesterday we had this conversation:
Me: "Did you know Daddy is a teacher?"
Pip: "Daddy teaching kids!"
Me: "That's right! Did you know Mommy is a teacher, too? Mommy teaches the kids Spanish."
Pip: "Oh! Pippa speak Spanish too!"
Me: "That's true, too! Pippa does speak Spanish!"
Pip: "Yeah...."
excuse the dog hair
Also, she set her people up like this (above) and goes:
"Mommy, look at all the friends! Just look, don't touch!"

She's just this little person with so many thoughts and feelings.

Morning Walks

It is by no means "autumn weather" here in Florida, but the mornings are at least somewhat less humid these days with a slight breeze. It feels good to not be a sweaty mess after an 8 a.m. walk.

These Quinoa Black Bean Tacos

Speaking of budgets, this meal is very budget-friendly. We like to incorporate a few meatless meals into our week, and this one is easy, delicious, and makes plenty of leftovers.

Old Navy Workout Tanks

Found for $8 on their website. Perfect for Florida weather, not too tight for that postpartum tummy situation, and cute!

What's got you smiling this week?

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