pipdate - 2 years + 2 months

Some days I can't tell if she's barely 2 years old, or 12. Her language has exploded in the past few weeks, and we are are left shocked or trying to hide our laughter at the sentences that are coming out of her mouth.

Also, I realized that 95% of the pictures I have of Pippa this month are in swimsuits. Because it's summer in Florida.

She is in the classic two-year-old Jekyll and Hyde phase, where one moment she is sweet, helpful, and funny, only to turn around and throw a show-stopping tantrum with no warning.

Some of my favorite Pip-isms, currently:

+ "Jood gob, Pippa!" (her version of "good job" when she feels she's done well)
+ "Good idea, Mommy!"
+ "Hi Baby! Nice to meet you. I'm Pippa!"
+ "Sweet baby!"
+ "Oh I'll get it! I'll be right back!" (whenever she decides she wants something)
+  "Oh my goodness!" (But pronounces goodness as "guiness")
+ "Good morning Mommy. How sleep?"
+ "Gwink" = drink
+ "Big agua" = ocean
+ "I miss" = I want. For example, if she wants a glass of leche (milk), she'll say, "I miss leche."
+ "What name this?" = What's your name? (while pointing rudely)
+ "What you call this?" = What's your name? (while pointing rudely)
+ "One more George then all done, okaaaaaay?" (asking to watch one more Curious George)
+ "How bout...cookie? Good idea, Pippa!"
+ "How bout...two, three, four, five, six em-nems?" (M&Ms)
+ "Ohhhhh, Mommy." (with a big hug)
+ "What Teddy doing?" (whenever I'm feeding him)
+ Lately she's been calling us "Daddy Justin" and "Mommy Emily"
+ "Hi _____! Want go to beach? Ok! Bye!" (when she's pretending to call someone on the phone)
+ "Geeyotch"/"Beeyotch" - we have no idea what these words mean, but she says them all the time
+ "Hey! That's mine!" (rude)
+ "That's Spanish" (of her favorite books in Spanish)

Favorite things:
+ Songs: Let It Go, Jesus Loves Me/Cristo Me Ama, I Am Jesus Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Alphabet, Huitzi Huitzi Araña
+ Movies: Lilo & Stitch, Curious George movies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
+ Shows: Sophia the First, Curious George
+ Books: all of them...she'll empty the bookshelf if we let her
+ Toys: Little People (she'll play for hours if left alone), Matching/Memory games, puzzles
+ Stuffed Animals: Pete, George, Monkey, Stitch
+ Activities: opening and closing doors, swimming, beach, torturing Pablo

Does NOT like:
+ messy hands


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