friday favorites #2

Oh, this week. What is there to say about this week. It was mainly a constant cycle of cluster feeding, laundry, reading books to Pippa, and letting her watch more Daniel Tiger than can be deemed healthy. Did I wake up to nurse Teddy in the middle of the night with Daniel Tiger's lesson songs stuck in my head? Sí, señor. ("If a friend doesn't want to play with you, you can find something else to do!")

I am experiencing a minor setback with my C-Section recovery. A small infection I caught early enough to just need antibiotics (and not surgery, thank goodness!) that was likely caused by doing too much too soon, but what can be done about that? I'm home all day with a chunky babe and a solid toddler who needs to be lifted occasionally. And then there was that bookshelf at Walmart... let's just say I didn't anticipate it being quite as heavy as it was.

Entonces...I've been on the couch more or less all week trying to "rest" (hahahhahahahaha), but that doesn't quite happen because Teddy has been like, "Nap? No can do-sville, babydoll. I need to eat. With 7-10 minute breaks in between feedings. Just enough for you to THINK I'm sleeping, so you try to rest, relax, drink coffee, or get something done. Then BAM! I'm back, baby."


So anyway, favorites are limited this week, as I haven't left the sofa much less the house except to go to the doctor. Here's what's making me smile:

Maybelline Baby Lips

They're moisturizing, smell delicious, and make me feel fancy, even if I'm not leaving the house that day. It's not safe to keep real lipstick in my purse right now, because Pippa wants to do everything like Mommy these days (love it!), which means she's constantly digging through my purse, makeup bag, and closet. She loves this "chapich" as much as I do!

Steel Cut Oats

With brown sugar and cinnamon. Good for milk production and also the soul.

Amazon Prime

We were late to the Prime game. In fact, the only reason we have it now is because it came free with our internet package. So that's nice. Anyway, since I shan't leave the house most days, and right now a trip to Target with both the kinder seems...overwhelming, you can't beat the free 2 day shipping on almost anything in the world you need. And many things you don't. I'm curious, though. What are the best buys on Amazon Prime? How does everyone else use it, besides just a drain on your bank account? Does anyone get groceries, toiletries, or any other monthly expenses from Amazon instead of the store? Spill the beans! I want to get the most out of our subscription while it lasts!


I'm always on the hunt for daily devotions I like. The Proverbs 31 First 5 app is awesome, but sometimes I prefer to not be on my phone for once in my life. Enter the good ol' Meditations devotions from NPH. I was bouncing Teddy in the narthex at church when I stumbled upon a stack of them. They are short and applicable, and bonus, they have a Bible reading at the bottom of each page to guide you through reading the Bible in a year! Last year I finished reading my Bible cover to cover, and ever since then have been wandering aimlessly in my daily Bible reading. I think this should help.

Conversations with Pippa

Kid has been hilarious lately. (Well, to me anyway. Maybe it's just because I'm in desperate need of adult conversation...)

  • Some days she will only address me as Super Mommy! and I must address her as Super Pippa! Some days she is Princess Sophia, and I have to be Princess Sophia Mommy. 
  • She memorizes and sings all the Daniel Tiger lesson songs. My current favorite: "I like you. I like you. Just the way you are." (I manage to catch her singing them on Snapchat. I'm so young and hip. Not like a regular mom. I'm a cool mom). 
  • After I read her a book, she insists on reading it herself. She takes key words and phrases she remembers from each page, and does a pretty good job reading it back to me!
  • If I look upset at all, she will stroke my face and say, "Oh Mommy. I'm so sorry."
  • Any noise she hears, she perks up and asks, "Hey! What was that?"
  • "Pippa gwink coffee." *aggressively takes my coffee cup and tries to take sip*
  • "Hey Justin! Mommy need towel." When I was stranded in need of a burp cloth...
  • "How bout...crackers? Pwease, Mommy, pwease!"
Those are just a few. I'll have to start writing down what she says, because she is becoming quite the conversationalist! 

OK...everyone is now magically napping, and so I must quite wasting my time on this post, and try to catch a few z's myself. 

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