philippa's second year

Happy 2nd Birthday, Philippa Florence!

Philippa Florence
completes her second year of life today.
When did the switch happen?
When did she stop being a baby and 
become a little girl? 
With opinions and preferences?

The parents spend baby's second year of life
guiding, teaching, 
and putting out (figurative) fires.
But also laughing deep belly laughs
because suddenly their baby tells jokes.
And pronounces some words...

things get easier.
is a beautiful thing.
We get to watch as their vocabularies explode,
they pour their own bowls of cereal,
and they love you back.
You're so proud you could burst
(or post way too much on Facebook).

But also.
It's not always easy.
There's the chasing.
The temper tantrums, the hitting,
the throwing, and the pouting.
The constant questioning...
are we doing this right? 
do we ignore it or correct it?
Are we bad parents for letting her listen to
"All About That Bass"?

She's soaking it all in.
She's learning 
about the world around her.
Words. Numbers. Colors. Songs.
She's showing us she's a big girl.
But she's also still our baby who needs a snuggle and a kiss. 
She's mimicking Mommy's every move.
She's Daddy's little girl.

That second year. There is nothing like it.
I feel like the best 5 words to sum up this past year:
Uh Oh. It's too quiet.

Philippa Florence

you have traveled to:

South Dakota
Iceland (a layover...but still)

you're awesome because you:

can count to 14 in English and Spanish
still sleep from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
put together full sentences
exclaim, "Jesus!" every time you see a church or a cross
love to dance, and ask for "mookie" when you want music
listen to podcasts with me, and say, "One mo' podcast?" at the end of each one
love to "read" your books to yourself
talk about Baby Brother's heartbeat, which you heard at the doctor: "Buh-bum"
sing Jesus Loves Me in English and Spanish
remind us to pray before meals
chant "Da-ddy's home! Da-ddy's home!" every time you see Dad's car in the driveway
ask to brush your teeth in the morning by saying, "Dientes?"
ask to pet every dog you see
slide down the stairs on your stomach at lightning speed
still eat almost every food
straddle Pablo like a horse, and tell him, "Sit. Down. Good boy."
say, "Oh Mommy! Cute!" when you like what I'm wearing
smile coyly and whisper "Mommy, cookie?"

favorite foods:
cheese, broccoli, cereal, apples with dip-dip (peanut butter), any kind of berries

favorite songs:
Jesus Loves Me / Cristo Me Ama
The Alphabet
Que Llueva
Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)
I'm Ready (AJR)

favorite shows/movies:
Curious George
Winnie the Pooh
Mickey Mouse Club House Road Rally
Daniel Tiger

It has been a year of learning and changing for you, Philippa! It's so much fun to hear the thoughts, phrases, and sentences you put together. We can't imagine life without you, and can't wait to see you grow into your role of big sister! 

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