currently °3

making || affirmations and visualization part of my morning routine (along with prayer and devotion)
cooking || less, grilling more! 
drinking || all the water
reading || "HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method" by Marie Mongan
wanting || Pippa to sleep until 7 a.m. again...just like the good ol' days
looking || at my vision board - big goals require intense focus
playing || the Mechanic to Millionaire podcast all day, every day
trying || to eat healthy during the week, and enjoy whatever food I want on the weekends
remembering || how I felt 2 years ago at this point when we were 3 weeks away from meeting Pippa
watching || less TV, and flexing my mental muscles more. (But also 1 or 2 episodes of 30 Rock before bed)
deciding || what to do with extra junk before moving...sell, donate, trash...
wishing || someone would come wean Pippa off her pacifier for me before the baby comes...pretty please?
planning || a certain little girl's 2nd birthday, a move across the country, and the birth of Baby Brother
enjoying || sunshine and spring blossoms
waiting || for someone to take our town house so we can be done with these showings already!
liking || the third trimester so far
wondering || if it's ok to have a smoothie for every meal?
needing || a snack at 3 a.m. apparently...so hungry all the time!
wearing || the same black maternity tank top every single day
noticing || mamas of a baby and a toddler
smelling || a toddler covered in sticky syrup
thinking || intentionally 
buying || 0-3 month onesies 
feeling || in awe of the changes God has placed in my life

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