the best moment of my day

You're hearing it everywhere these days, but it's clich√© advice for a reason: have an attitude of gratitude (or some variation on the theme). 

I first really tuned into this concept with the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. The writing is a little flowery for my taste, but overall the book inspired me and refocused my mind on how God not only fulfills our needs, but gives us so many other beautiful gifts that we don't even think to ask for.

In that spirit, I'm compiling my own short list of gifts. Several times throughout the week, I've thought, 'I think this is the best part of my day.' I want to share those moments here both as my own exercise of gratitude, and so I can hear some of your favorite ordinary moments.

1. The first 3 sips of coffee when it's that perfect temperature. I'll never find that temperature again by heating it up in the microwave...it's just not the same! So I've been savoring those 3 beautiful sips like an actress in those Folgers commercials.

2. Stepping into the sunshine with Pippa in the stroller and Pablo on the leash for a 45 minute afternoon walk. It's a blessing to be able to move and exercise. It's a joy to have people to share it with. And after a long midwestern winter, I will never take a warm day for granted. Sometimes I listen to an inspiring podcast. Sometimes I just enjoy the birds chirping.

3. Getting into a car warmed up by the sunshine on a chilly spring day. Spring in the midwest can get pretty windy with a remaining chill in the air, so that moment of closing the door and soaking up the warmth are pure bliss. (Also, it probably doesn't help that I insist on wearing flip flops as soon as it hits 50°).

4. Piling into our king size bed to read Pippa her books before bed. She has been having some trouble falling asleep right at bedtime in the last few weeks, so we've extended her bedtime routine to help her ease into it. She calls it "Mommy Daddy 'nuggles." Feeling her newly lanky toddler body relax into me for another round of Buenas Noches Luna must be a piece of heaven. In those moments I have to grab for her sweaty little hands to remind myself that she's still my baby. (The day she stops having sweaty baby hands will be a sad day indeed).

5. Collapsing onto the couch with my best friend and husband after mutually long days. Deciding if tonight will be a healthier Greek yogurt nighttime snack, or popcorn while watching 30 Rock for the 18th time.

Those are just a few of the moments that stop me in my tracks to say a silent prayer of thanks. What are yours?

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