state of the family - april 2015

Here we are, mid-April, and it is the best of time, it is the worst of times. (But mostly the best).

Somehow, I was just sitting in my parents' living room with all my sisters crafting my New Years Mini Goals. (April is "a sound mind - adult learning" by the way. I have been successful with my January - March goals...but have not really pushed myself in all aspects of my April goals). In that respect, I blinked and 3.5 months passed me by.

Conversely, I feel like we are in a vortex of time that moves like molasses. Come summer, we are packing all of our belongings, attending Justin's sister's wedding, moving to Florida, and having our second baby. When I think about what the near future has to hold, each day seems like a lifetime.

I suppose that's life, huh? When we look back, we can't believe how quickly time has passed. When we look ahead, we feel impatient. My focus has been on enjoying the present, or at least experiencing the present, instead of wishing the time away. Thank goodness for lovely spring weather! It has allowed us to make impromptu fun outings to the park, to get ice cream, and to the zoo!

state of the bump

I truly can't complain about how pregnancy has been going lately. Once morning sickness subsided (around 20 weeks), I began to feel more like myself - energetic, ambitious, happy, and excited once again. The bump has been growing at an alarming rate (probably at a normal rate actually...just seems so much faster the second time around).

That doesn't mean I haven't had the normal aches and pains that go along with pregnancy - it's just part of the deal! But seeing a chiropractor, prenatal yoga, exercise, and mostly healthy eating have helped with a lot of those minor complaints.

I'm craving sweets for sure. Specifically ice cream and fresh fruit. I don't think I have any aversions now that the morning sickness is gone. I've been SO THIRSTY, and chugging water like it's my job. I have a water bottle on both floors of the house, and I keep a third one in the fridge ready to go.

Easter weekend was momentous for baby brother, in that we actually decided to spend a little money and buy him some clothes! The entire Carter's store was 50% off, so he got a few onesies, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of pajamas, and a fedora - he'll be a beach baby after all!

I'm currently at 26 weeks and 5 days, so just over 13 weeks left (in theory) until we get to meet baby boy!

state of the pip

Parenting can be a lonely job, especially if you have had the experience of staying home with a baby while your spouse works outside the home. I consider staying home with my babies a privilege, and I truly don't take it for granted. That doesn't mean that those midwest winter days stuck inside with a nonverbal child don't get long, though!

But then this magical thing happens...your itty bitty baby starts to get long and lanky, and starts walking and talking and dancing and making jokes and developing their own quirky personality. Suddenly you have a companion! Someone to (kind of) talk to and have memories and jokes with.

And that's where we are with our 22 (what!?!?) month old, Philippa Florence. Her verbal development is exploding, and I think my jaw drops on a daily basis at the words and phrases she thinks to say. She is sweet and sassy, silly and smart, observant and obstinate.

Here are a few of my current favorite Pipisms:

- While I was holding her, resting her legs on the bump, she felt baby brother kick. Her eyes widened, and she said, "Mommy, that's the baby!" Followed by, "Más baby!" (more baby)
- She likes to tease us with her love. She'll say, "I yup you! (I love you)" but point to anything but us. This morning she took it a step further and said, "I....yup..." her eyes darted around, clearly trying to think of something silly to get a reaction from us, and then decided on something, "I...yup...you, Baby!" and pointed to my belly. I know she was playing us, but my heart melted.
- Counting 1-10 en español - but always skips siete.
- Singing her ABCs (but for some reason she calls the song "EFG")
- Singing Jesus Loves Me/Cristo Me Ama in English and Spanish
- "Wauwee" - how she says sorry. A few weeks ago, she ran into a lady in public restroom, and say, "Oh! Wauwee."
- "Sink, sink, sink." while tapping a finger to her temple. She loves to list all the characters from Winnie the Pooh and what they say. Pooh is "think, think, think," but with her lisp it comes out "sink." Piglet is "oh d-d-d-dear!" Tigger is "hoo hoo hoo hoo!" And Eeyore is "Thanks for noticing me." She cracks up at this one, shakes her head, and goes, "Oh, Eeyore."
- "Tank you." 
- "Oh well."
- "Ay yi yi!" 
- "Mommy, nuggles?" when she wants snuggles
- "Jeans are too tight." and the clothing preferences have begun.
- "Oh, yes!"
- At the park she was very independent...but then would realize she didn't know where I was and would yell, "Mommy? I see you?"
- "Baby buh-bump, buh-bump at doctor." talking about hearing the baby's heart beat
- spells her name "P - I - P- I!" 

I'm sure I'm missing some, because she seriously learns to say something new every day. I want to bottle her up and keep her this way forever! So instead I'm taking as many videos as my iPhone can hold. 

She loves Curious George, Winnie the Pooh, and "Bob" - Veggie Tales. She sleeps with monkey, George, Minnie Mouse, Snoopy, and Pete. She is quick to throw a "fit" if she doesn't get what she wants - she has really perfected the fake cry. It usually stops quickly with a stern look and a "Do you want a time out?" We are having so much fun with her at this age! Here are some of my favorite pictures of her right now:

She is going to make an awesome big sister! I can't wait to see the 2 of them together!

Justin is enjoying coaching bowling at school - and loving that so many students are getting into it! He is also doing his best to keep his pregnant wife and toddler daughter happy. We are both soaking up the last few months with the students we have - we are going to miss the families at our church and school so much when we move. Not much else is new with the adults in the family, except that we're trying to fulfill our Stillwater, MN bucket lists before we move! 

And congratulations if you made it through that novel. I'm no good at scrapbooking, so it's really fun to have these archives to look back at the different stages of pregnancy and babyhood - it all passes so quickly, and you somehow forget everything you think you'll remember forever. And now we're off for another fun outing with gorgeous weather. Hurray for spring!

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