why events *are* for introverts

One thing that almost prevented me from trying Isagenix and consequently network marketing as a career was the presupposition that being an introvert meant I would have trouble succeeding. Many network marketing companies also stress the importance of attending events - and my company is no exception! When I thought of events, I pictured flashing lights, loud music, excited people, and buzzwords like "synergy" and "freedom!" getting thrown around - all things that make an introvert want to hide under the covers with a flashlight and a book. I didn't see what I could possibly gain from participating in this nonsense.

Well I was partially right. There are flashing lights, loud music, excited people, and so, so many buzzwords. But I was also partially wrong - there was so much for me to gain hidden beneath the hype.   

I had the opportunity to attend my first corporate event in January of this year. It certainly didn't hurt that I got to travel to sunny California while the weather here in Minnesota was dreary and arctic. It also didn't hurt that I got to spend a few days toddler-free and with some wonderful friends and teammates! 

Now, being one who is not necessarily motivated by money, fame, recognition, or other extrinsic rewards, I wondered if I would be able to connect with the very successful speakers leading the event.  These were the people who were making multiple six-figure incomes, even millions of dollars per year. These were the people who were "Isa-famous."  

When I first walked in and heard the music, saw the dance party happening onstage, and saw the success stories being recognized, it solidified the walls of skepticism I had put up, and my heart sank. Thankfully, it didn't take long before the trainers and keynote speakers had their turn, and my mind and heart were changed. 

There were a few reoccuring themes that each of the speakers stressed in their own way:
- it was not about the money (though a nice benefit of success)
- servant leadership and helping others succeed was a top priority
- they preferred to use their money to pay off debt, pay for children's college tuition, give back to the community, leave a legacy for their family all before increasing their own standard of living
- humility and teamwork
- personal development
- kindness to all
- integrity and hard work
- most expressed God and their faith life to be a top priority in their life

An introvert could find much to admire, and much to learn from those who have gone before. 

This weekend was another opportunity to attend an event, this time much closer to home. Just as before, I was delighted to find people who shared my values, not just onstage, but in the seats besides me as well. If I am willing to look past the hype, I find an abundance of information at my fingertips, and others who are motivated intrinsically instead of by wealth or recognition. I find people who are willing to share what they know in order to help others join them at the top. No secrecy. No jealousy. No competition. A spirit of service!

Network marketing has stretched me out of my comfort zone over and over, but the result is always growth. I'm grateful that my team helped me overcome my doubt and skepticism to attend an event. It has helped me build my belief in our company, products, network marketing, and myself. I'm now looking forward to my next chance to attend an event. What a change from a month ago! 

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