currently °2

making || lists of gratitude and goals
cooking || lots of baked potatoes - why does Aldi only sell 10 lb bags?
drinking || not nearly enough water
reading || "Boy" by Roald Dahl
wanting || temperatures above single digits...pretty please?
looking || for some good books
playing || "pillow walk" every day with Pippa - that's where you line up pillows on the floor and walk on them...
trying || to cut out sugar this week
remembering || a few days ago when I was eating sugar...
watching || Friends on Netflix. All the 90s clothes are back in fashion! So funny. 
deciding || what goes and what stays - spring cleaning!
wishing || for spring weather to go with the spring cleaning
planning || a spring break trip to Wisconsin
enjoying || secret baby flutters and kicks
waiting || for Justin's school year to be over
liking || greek yogurt with vanilla and cinnamon
wondering || whether our baby is a boy or a girl!
needing || a change with my hair
wearing || the same black lounge pants all day, err day
noticing || how big and funny and sweet Pippa is getting
smelling || cold air...it has a smell
thinking || about how much our lives are going to change in a few short months
buying || Tums - so many Tums 
feeling || strong

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