pippa at 16 months

To be honest, these posts are mostly just a running list of Philippa's verbal progress, because I love words and it fascinates me to see what will come out of her little brain and mouth next.

Also, I try to speak Spanish to her when it's just the two of us, but many days that ends up being Spanglish, or English with a few key Spanish words. Like, "Where's your chupie?" "Oh, you want agua?" (Like, Emily, how hard would it have been to say that in Spanish?) I am always delighted when she utters Spanish words despite my laziness and sporadic efforts.

So without further ado, a Pippa update. A Pipdate, if you will.

Funny little toddler idiosyncrasies:

  • I would like to note an encouraging milestone. Instead of slapping me right in the face when I ask for a besito, she actually give me a besito with sound effects and everything!
  • She hugs Pablo while watching herself in our full-length mirror, and coos, "Ohhhh babyyyy." 
  • Pippa finds the remote now and brings it over to me asking for "George?" (Curious George)
  • Has full length gibberish conversations with anyone and everyone. Herself included.
  • The other day she gave Pablo a "kiss" by licking his nose.  I mean, I guess that's how dogs give kisses...
  • Still won't stop saying "Hi!" to all the people. Everyone at the store is like, "Awww is that her first word?" Nope...but she sure knows how to get a reaction from her adoring public!
  • Loves her Veggie Tales CD in the car. She will request it by repeating, "Bob? Bob? Bob?" until I cave. Or if she thinks I'm not getting the hint, she's start "singing" in a panicky voice, "Never ever ever? Never ever ever?" (You know...the theme song: There's never ever ever been a show like Veggie Tales.) 
  • When I try to sing to her, like the loving and devoted mother that I am, she abruptly interrupts me with a shriek. I mean, I know I'm not a great singer, but RUDE. 
  • Every carb is a queque (panqueque or pancake). Bread, bagels, muffins - they are all queques.
  • We're working on teaching her about her Savior. Except now whenever she sees a picture of a bearded man she shouts, "JESUS!" It's awesome - but also can feel a bit...sacrilegious and out of context? 
  • She got her first black eye! She was such a tough little warrior. I have a feeling there will be a lot more of these injuries with our active and curious little girl:

  •  We visited an apple orchard and Philippa was in LOVE

And now, the words:

She just keeps getting more delightful with each passing day. I can't wait to celebrate the holidays with her, now that she will actually understand what's going on. 

Also, could someone please stop the passage of time so I can enjoy this age a little bit longer?

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