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Enough was enough, I decided one April morning. I was getting nowhere with my incessant Google searches for part-time jobs I could work in the sporadic hours when my husband got home from work. I was already juggling 3 other part-time jobs to help take the pressure off Justin, and was on the verge of seeking out a paper route in the wee hours of the morning or taking the overnight shift in a bar or restaurant.

Sure, the thought of an at-home business with direct sales had occurred to me, but I didn't think I was the type of person who could be successful with it. I hated my retail jobs in high school and college, and the thought of pressuring someone to spend money made my palms sweat. 

But there I was that April morning, knowing I had to do whatever it took to get my family financially sound, but maintaining the feeling that we needed to spend more time as a family. That Sunday needed to be a day dedicated to church and Bible study and worship. That merely passing the baby off to the other parent as one of us headed out the door to work was not doing our relationship any favors. 

So while Pippa was taking her morning nap, I typed up all my concerns and objections, scanned, reread, and edited multiple times, and with a pit in my stomach hit send

Not 10 minutes later a response appeared in my inbox. My stomach dropped as I opened the message, the invitation to talk over the phone. 

I had made up my mind to give this company a fair chance, so the immediate gratification of my need for more information was satisfying. With both of our babies napping, it was the perfect time to make that phone call. We talked for an hour, babies waking up in the background, and motherly duties simultaneously being performed. She was so normal and not pushy. She was like me - someone who was contributing financially her family, but respected her friends and family's boundaries. Someone who worked hard, was humble, and cared enough to form relationships with other people. She showed me with one phone call that I could do it. And that it was a much better and simpler option that working overnight at a bar.

So here I am, 5 months later, committed to working this business from home until I am successful. I am being pushed outside my comfort zone, but discovering how much I am enjoying reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances - even if they don't choose to join me on my health and wellness journey. I am learning new skills to connect with strangers. It's all very thrilling, and frustrating, and inspiring, and emotional all at the same time.

I wouldn't be taking these steps in personal growth if it weren't for the wonderfully supportive women I have met (virtually - hopefully in person someday soon) along the way. They inspire me to not only do this for my family, but to serve other and help them achieve their dreams of health, energy, and financial freedom. They inspire me to be generous with my success. They remind me that dreams are achievable, through persistent and consistent action. 

I love what I do, and I love that I can put the computer away as soon as Pippa wakes up from her nap. I love that I don't have to ask off on holidays or weekends. I love that my "job" is helping others feel their best. I love that email I get every Monday with a paycheck automatically loaded to my card. 

Here's to the Mommies on a Mission. What a wonderful gift we have to share with others! Are you ready to start changing lives?

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