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Every so often in life, I get caught up in these moments of profound awe and gratefulness at the things I get to experience. I look around at the people who surround me and send up a prayer of thanks for them. I survey the incredible locations I have been to, and give thanks for the diversity our world has to offer, and the ease of travel available to the average person. 

It's all so overwhelmingly good.

I'm coming off such a weekend. My sister Molly gets married in one short month, so all 7 girls in my family + Pippa + one of Molly's bridesmaids made the pilgrimage by air, land, and sea (ok, not sea) to Nashville where 2 more of her bridesmaids reside. 

Our hosts were so accommodating, our group was easygoing and funny, and the food sublime. 

My weekend started with 8 hours in airports and airplanes alone with the baby. That time was characterized by long lines, nearly missed flights, and kind strangers. Pippa is in an exploration stage, as she is just starting to walk, so keeping her still and in one place is seriously physically challenging. I swear by the time we reached Nashville I needed a protein shake, a steam, and a massage. But she was an absolute dream, behavior-wise, so I certainly can't and won't complain.

Friday morning was spent having a leisurely breakfast on a patio, with temperature quickly climbing to 90. (Why oh why don't I live somewhere that's warm year round with a patio for slow coffee mornings?) We got the chance to tour some of downtown Nashville and see a little bit of country music history at the Ryman theater. 

Touring was followed by a trendy lunch at Fido, some boutique-ing, and me making plans to move my entire family to this charming and slightly bohemian city. Nashville, where have you been all my life?

i mean...so boho chic

Friday night's activities included some bachelorette goings-on. Our theme was Paint the Town Red(neck). I thought Molly looked so darling, and her maids-of-honor did a great job of keeping the proceedings classy, per Mol's request. Great job Taylor and Maggie!

Saturday was a slow day at the pool, complete with a little steel drum beach music and a lot of sun screen (especially on Pippa. I'm terrified of ruining her milky white skin!)

After that, we got glammed up for some tacos + margs at the cutest little Mexican restaurant. Taylor and Anna, Molly's bridesmaids who live in Nashville, chose the perfect spots around the city for our group to experience.

Thanks, Nanny, for being the best ever! 

When can we go back? I'm hoping this will be an annual thing. Or biannual. Or monthly.

I think I left my heart in Nashville - but it's always good to wake up in your own bed in your own city. 

So home again, home again, jiggity jig.

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