airport revelation: the stroller

Thanks to some airline vouchers that need to be used up before they expire, my parents have been able to fly Pippa and me home to Milwaukee on a few separate occasions. Each of these instances has been by myself, so I had to figure out the best way to get through the airport with a baby.

When Pippa was a little smaller, I wore her in the Moby wrap, while wearing a backpack and a small carry-on sized suitcase. That was difficult, but doable.

This time, I knew she would need her car seat at home, so I had to figure out a way to bring that along. Wear her in the Moby and lug the seat, plus a carry-on? Nope, too much to carry.

So being the rookie that I am, I decided to try carrying her in the carseat, which resulted in near-tears on what felt like a mile-long walk to the baggage claim. Too. Heavy. Must. Drag. Carseat. On. Ground. In addition, I sported several lovely bruises on my legs that weekend from the weight of my giant child and a carseat  swinging against my thighs and knees over and over.

So that didn't work.

On the way back, my parents enlightened me. Take the stroller. (They had purchased one that fit with our carseat system). It was so simple.

I think I had some smug minimalist traveler thing going on in my mind, thinking that I was "giving in" if I chose to bring a stroller. I still wanted to be that 16 year-old going to Mexico with only a small satchel containing a toothbrush, extra underwear, a swimsuit, deodorant, and a water bottle.

But strollers, guys. They are simple. Hang your carry-on on the handle, check the stroller at the gate, and pick it up the moment you get off the plane. Why didn't I think of that the first time?

I'm still working on minimalist baby packing though. That formula and her medically-necessary hip brace take up quite a bit of space in the ol' suitcase. If only baby clothes didn't look like a dirty hippy street urchin's worn-out undershirt after 2 hours of wear, then I could pack less clothes for her...

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