sunny days

Spring has been a long time coming in Minnesota. Today was only the fourth time in 2014 that we have hit 70° in the Twin Cities. I'm often tempted to be negative about the slow warm up, bemoaning the time cooped up indoors and feeling sorry for myself.

And then a day like today happens - a Sunday with nowhere to be and a forecast of 70° and sunny. When compared with the coldest winter I have ever experienced, and this dreary excuse of a spring, this day felt incomparably good. Just intensely nice.

I honestly don't know if I would have been so grateful for it if I received the gift of good weather every day. The kind of good weather where you don't even feel anything. You're not hot or cold, you're just existing. I like to think this whole winter was leading up to this very day. 70° is always nice, but man does it feel good after months of 0°.

To enjoy a perfectly sunny day by the river after church and a nap - this is the Sabbath as the good Lord intended it. A day of rest and renewal. (Hopefully it's not a big deal that I cleaned out our fridge - it wasn't that hard of work, though.)

These are the days I want to collect and remember. The days spent with my people in the sunshine. Yeah. It doesn't get much better than that.

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