{my top three} dream jobs

I'm pretty sure every kid had to do that project in kindergarten or first grade where you talk about what you want to be when you grow up. Hopefully, your parents kept it to compare to what you actually ended up doing, so you could share a good chuckle about what your innocent mind dreamed up vs. reality.

For example:
Little Johnny in Kindergarten - When I grow up, I'm going to be president. And when I'm president, I will make sure everyone has enough food and hears God's Word!

John 20 years later - I'm a successful accountant who hates everything about government! I have a wife, a house in the suburbs with a jacuzzi, and we're going on a cruise next winter!

Most children choose noble or high powered careers for their dream job - President of the United States, astronaut, professional athlete, and firefighter are some of the usual suspects. I'll admit, I fell into the professional football player category. That's right, folks. As a youth, I aspired to play for the Green Bay Packers. That didn't pan out, and I'm not sure where I went wrong...

As we get older, we tend to lean toward professions where our passions and talents can be used. With a natural gift for language, I ended up in choosing to be a Spanish teacher. While I absolutely love my decision, there are a few dream jobs that never left the back of my mind along the way. The one thing they all have in common? Freedom. Open spaces, time that is my own, fresh air, and making my own decisions all day every day. Let's take a look:

Cowboy (cowgirl?)

I mean...you get to ride horses, sleep under the stars, sit by the campfire each night. Sure, it requires some physical labor, but you get to be one with nature, you don't have to talk to a lot of people, and you get to travel! Toby Keith's I Should Have Been a Cowboy is my theme song. Is this still a career? Why didn't this show up on that standardized aptitude test that told you what your career was supposed to be?

Fisherman (fisherwoman?)

Basically the same as cowboy, but you get beaches, water, and boats. You could also moonlight as a pirate. Also, delicious fresh-caught fish? With some fresh squeezed lime, fresh fruit...it's all I need in the world.


Typical author living on the coast of somewhere beautiful, penning my masterpiece as I gaze out upon the ocean waves? I would probably own a lot of light-weight baggy sweaters, flip-flops, and linen pants in this scenario. Hairstyle courtesy of the salty air. I would have a local beach bar where I have a tab and some good friends. I would read 1 novel per week, you know, as part of my "work."

Do you have any dream careers that slipped through your fingers?

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