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What was your worst job? Were you a fast food employee? Did you waitress at a heavily regulated chain restaurant? Serve drinks at the corner pub?

Did you clean homes in your spare time, or babysit the neighbor's children? How did you make those dollar bills that paid for your student loans, rent, or that dream vacation?

For me it was waitressing. Though it has been 5 years since I took off that server's apron for the last time, I can still feel the grime under my fingernails and the faint scent of grease clinging to my non-slip shoes. Better yet, I can still feel those singles, fives, and tens stacking up in my black book - the one with the beers on tap taped on the inside.

Because of those years spent side hustling in the food service industry, I have been absolutely devouring Jacob Tomsky's Heads in Beds; a reckless memoir of hotels, hustles, and so-called hospitality. 
{source; jacobtomsky.com}

If you have ever worked somewhere and promised yourself you would not join the cult of lifers who get drinks together after work - that you were there for the money and would quit as soon as you made enough - but then got sucked in and loved/hated that place for the remainder of your days, then you will relate to almost every word that Tomsky scrawls across the page.

I will never look at hotels the same way. And I will definitely be tipping the front desk workers next time.

It is such  an interesting read for those of us familiar with shift work, hospitality, and awful managers.  I love some good gossip from an insider's perspective! It almost makes me consider penning a teacher tell-all...

but I don't think the masses are ready for it.

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