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I have never been a huge advocate for Valentine's Day. It reeks of insincerity to me. That's why I had to laugh at the SNL clip "Valentine's Day Commercial - get your girlfriend some last minute junk from CVS." I think the title and tagline speak for themselves. Hilarious.

Anyway, I just don't like the idea of being railroaded into buying something that you wouldn't otherwise buy or even care about. I feel like we're setting ourselves up for failure with sky-high expectations of romance. (Plus, people should feel free to buy me chocolate any day of the year - not just holidays.)

The one aspect of the holiday I do enjoy are the thoughtful hand-made gifts that people give out to significant others, friends, and family members. Our mom would always send us to school with homemade cookies and a cute heart-shaped hand-written note that never failed to make me smile. In college, we would get a little Valentine's Day package that would certainly brighten my week. It's the thoughtfulness and small gestures that are what make Valentine's Day worth keeping around. Also, February needs all the joy it can get!

One of my favorite songs is Tengo Tu Love by Sie7e. It speaks to my kind of love. I don't expect, or even want, diamond jewelry or expensive gifts (although a plane ticket somewhere warm would not be turned down). Love is not a test of how much you got me for a random Friday in February, but rather experiencing life with someone who wants to hang out with me, listen to me, and have adventures with me. 

Here are some of my favorite lines from the song (be prepared - many of these lyrics sound way better in Spanish than their translation into English:

el tiempo vale más que un Rolex                time is worth more than a Rolex
el amigo más que el peso en el bosillo       a friend more than money in your pocket
hablar vale más que un iPhone                   talking is worth more than an iPhone
y más cuando alguien te quiere escuchar   and more when someone wants to listen to you
el compromiso vale más que el anillo        the engagement is worth more than the ring
tu mirada vale más que el oro                    a look from you is worth more than gold 
aunque pueda tenerlo todo, todo                I may have everything, everything
nunca hay nada si me faltas tú                   it's nothing if I'm lacking you

There are so many more parts of the song I absolutely adore (Parent Trap, anyone?) but today I wanted to focus on the comparison of worth. Nothing in the world is worth more than your people. Those people in your life that make each day exciting, fun, comfortable, or easy. This Valentine's Day let's give the gift of our time and attention. And maybe a plane ticket to the beach. 

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