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As I was driving to work tonight, I heard about this article on the radio. This gist of the article is that the drink you order on a date says something about you. It might say that you're pretentious, "hot", adventurous, or boring. I thought it was cute and funny, but didn't take it too seriously. Because if you're making your dating decisions based on what people order to drink, that's another issue altogether.

My husband and I met my first year in college, so I have honestly never been on a date where I have been judged based on what I ordered to drink. Unless Justin is secretly judging my drink orders when we go out to eat...in which case he has probably come to the conclusion that I am cheap. Because, help us, we're poor.

Anyway, even if money and calories were not an issue, I would probably still go with a rum and coke - a Cuba Libre if you're fancy. I'd like to think my drink choice says that I'm laid back and I'd rather be on a tropical island sipping rum in the sand. But most likely it says that I don't branch out much. Hey, I've got simple tastes and I stick with what I like.

My other favorite choice would easily be a plain old margarita on the rocks. Because beaches. And tequila. Yum.

What's your drink of choice, and what do you think it says about you?

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