things that are supposed to be fun

I absolutely love the HIMYM episode "Okay Awesome" when Ted and the coat-check girl are chatting about things that are supposed to be fun, but actually suck. Their examples: clubs, cruises, New Year's Eve, and parades.

Normally I like to keep a positive tone on here, but I can totally relate to this conversation. I just cannot get on board with certain things that most people seem to find entertaining. Here's my list:

  • parades - gotta agree with Ted on this one. What is fun about watching people in uniforms, balloons, and old cars travel from one point to another? I don't get it.
  • bowling - I'm probably just bitter because I'm not good at it, but ugh! Packing socks in your purse, just so you can wear those disgusting shoes that people with fungi have worn, in order to roll a ball on a wood floor and pay for the pleasure of doing so? Not my idea of a good time. 
  • the zoo - it smells. the animals sleep. the peanut butter and jelly sandwich you packed in the cooler is flattened by the apple and juice box sitting on top of it. the crowds of slow moving people. the forced conversation at each new exhibit: "wow, that __________ (mountain goat, lion, flamingo, etc.) sure is majestic today. Look at how regally it sleeps." 
  • sledding - to be fair, it's mostly just being outside in the cold I dislike. Once I actually start sledding I usually have fun. But the snow that gets inside your boots and burns your ankle, but in a cold way, because you wore ankle socks is just such a bummer. I do appreciate the workout involved with climbing back up the hill, though! 
  • planning my wedding - ask my mom about this one! I could not have cared less about the details involved with putting on my wedding - what type of cake topper, table runners, altar flowers - it bored me to tears. I would have been happy getting married barefoot in a meadow. 
To avoid sounding like the most anti-fun person in the universe, I'm going to stop my list there. I can't stress this enough: I don't hate fun. I just don't find the above activities to be a good time. To balance it out, here is a list of things I do enjoy:

  • the beach
  • hiking
  • playing cards (I'm a convert! Used to hate this, now I love it. Euchre changed my life).
  • reading
  • trivia games (This would be on Molly's list of supposed to be fun but hate it). 
  • baseball games in the summer 
  • happy hour
  • backyard barbecues
  • airports (this is not sarcastic - I LOVE AIRPORTS)
  • dancing at weddings

What are some things that are supposed to be fun that you find dull?

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