life with Pippa | winter style

So the two of us have been rocking winter kind of. We've taken a lot of naps, walked basically everywhere in a 5 block radius of our apartment, and read all the books, ever.

 This is the terrace at the Stillwater Public Library. It is absolutely stunning, but unfortunately closed for the winter. I can only gaze longingly at the snow-covered view, looking forward to warmer days when I anticipate reading many-a book in the sunshine. For now, we walk down the frigid ice-covered sidewalks bundled up and baby-wearing. Once we enter the library, we find ourselves working up a sweat and wanting to take off our boots and walk around in socks. (Actually that's just me. Probably.)

When the weather keeps us inside, we bust out the blocks. Pippa tries to cram all of them in her mouth while I try to spell as many funny words as I can. I don't think either of us understands the concept of blocks right now.

Lately Pippa has been the most delightful baby to hang out with. I always almost think she is much older than 7 months because of the way she interacts. She tries to make us laugh, and gets this mischievous glint in her eyes. Some things she is doing right now that I don't want to forget:

  • her face lights up whenever Pablo walks into the room
  • laying her head down on her Baby Einstein Jumper when she's ready for a nap
  • aggressively bouncing in her jumper when she wants to get our attention
  • blowing raspberries for 30 seconds straight
  • vocalizing in a continuous monotone "ahhhhhhhh"
  • starting to bounce up and down (dancing!) when a song she likes comes on
  • checking to make sure we're watching when she's about to do something sassy
  • smacking her lips
  • hurling her body backwards or to the side when she's bored
This girl is truly her father's daughter. I just can't wait to see what else she has in store for us! 

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