adult birthdays

Birthdays. Am I right?

Whenever the subject of birthdays comes up, Justin and I quote Jim Gaffigan's sketch in Beyond the Pale about the pressure in our society to have a good time on your birthday. "Can't believe I have to work on my birthday. Can't believe I'm doing laundry on my birthday."

It's those outrageous expectations that have made birthdays in the past disappointing for me. I'm about to turn 26 on Saturday - closer to 30 than 20! - and the part of me that has outrageous expectations and is clinging to the youth and freedom of my college years is giving 26 the stink eye. I'm all like "awww no. Getting old is not my jam." (is that still a phrase?)

But then another part of me is like, "but you're mature now, so it's time to have realistic expectations for what an adult birthday is like, and to celebrate the fact that you have had 26 years of grace on this earth. Lots of people don't even get that." And then I thought, "Wow, Emily, you have gotten wise in your old age."

So, yeah, I might actually end up doing laundry on my birthday. But I also get to hang out with this cutie! Happy weekend, everyone!

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