a new years wedding

rehearsal dinner
 pip and nanny (grandma) | the sisters at rehearsal dinner | amazing dessert | parents of the bride

wedding hair and makeup
me + annie | wedding brunch spread | 4/6 sisters hair and makeup done | taylor, honorary Rasmussen sister and makeup genius with Molly 

New Years Wedding
 Pip, looking adorable for the wedding | me, annie, + pip in the bridal room | maggie | liz, the beautiful bride putting on final touches
New Year's Eve Wedding
chaotic kid picture | bride + moh | ready to get married! |pip slept through the whole ceremony

 family pic

Bridesmaids Hair Makeup Dresses

(I mostly took pictures while getting ready and before the ceremony, so I don't really have many of the couple together…oops!)

Justin, Pip, and I were so fortunate to be a part of my sister's gorgeous New Year's wedding. I thankful not to have to come up with plans for New Year's Eve this year - and still got to rock the night away on the dance floor! There is no better way to commemorate a holiday than with close family and friends, while celebrating the love and commitment between Liz and Brent. 

Despite the painful heels I chose to wear during the ceremony, I couldn't help but be filled with joy as I watched my sister and her (now) husband recite their vows. It reminded me of the day 3.5 years ago when Justin and I said those same words to each other. Liz and Brent's ceremony was also a great reminder to keep Christ at the center of our marriage, and that love not only a feeling, but even more so a decision we make each day. 

Cheers to Liz and Brent! May your first year of a long marriage be filled with laughter, memories, and a minimum of dumb fights about who will do the dishes. 

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