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Imagine you have come into a large sum of money. What are you going to do with it? Besides the obvious paying off of student loans and impulse purchases, what would you just love to do with it? I always pictured myself moving to an oceanfront property in a secluded beach town. I would wear oversized open-knit sweaters as I strolled barefoot on the shoreline. I would finally be a writer, so naturally I would set up my writing station in front of a large bay window overlooking the strand. In my vision I work on a typewriter, but more likely I would do my writing on my trusty MacBook. After my morning stroll, but before my work day begins, I take a leisurely coffee. I wrap my hands around the warm mug and shrug my shoulders as I inhale the comforting aroma. I gaze out my thinking window and seek inspiration from the waves.

This is a super specific daydream. Obviously I have put a lot of thought into it, as I have wanted to be a writer since kindergarten. But why wait until I inevitably come into a large sum of money? I may not have an ocean on which to focus my thoughtful gaze, but I will not let that stop me from the quiet repose and simple delight that is my morning cup of joe. Here are the simple steps I follow:

Select your beverage of choice. I prefer something warm. You know, so I can wrap my hands around the mug and shrug my shoulders as I inhale the scent.

Don an oversized sweater, or perhaps a bathrobe. 

Make a routine of it. Choose a favorite mug. Mine has an exotic pattern, but it's just from TJ Maxx. Maybe yours is an ironic "#1 Grandma" mug, or one you brought home from a memorable trip. Your mug can be inspiring, comforting, or just downright wacky. Be sure to have your choice of creamer on hand! 

Designate a location that is prime real estate for window gazing. That's where the best thinking is done. 

Read or think. While great conversations can often be had over warm beverages, your morning cup is just for you! As a youth, I started each morning with a bowl of sugar cereal and the comics from the newspaper. Also, the Dear Abby column. If one of my 5 sisters had already claimed the comics, I settled for the back of a cereal box. Currently, I read my morning devotion or a good book. Maybe you want to be alone with your thoughts. Plan your day, reflect on an inspirational quote, or count your blessings. 

Make the decision to start your day deliberately. Linger over your coffee. Make time for it. Be a morning person. Decide to be in a great mood today. Remember that you are living in one of the richest countries in the world and take advantage of the perks that come with it. You can afford coffee! We have flavored creamers! If you are reading this you probably have shelter, food, and clothes, plus unlimited access to the internet! 

Seriously. Quit rushing out the door with your travel mug. Stop and smell the coffee, or be doomed to live forever in a constant state of haste. 

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