currently °3

making || affirmations and visualization part of my morning routine (along with prayer and devotion)
cooking || less, grilling more! 
drinking || all the water
reading || "HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method" by Marie Mongan
wanting || Pippa to sleep until 7 a.m. again...just like the good ol' days
looking || at my vision board - big goals require intense focus
playing || the Mechanic to Millionaire podcast all day, every day
trying || to eat healthy during the week, and enjoy whatever food I want on the weekends
remembering || how I felt 2 years ago at this point when we were 3 weeks away from meeting Pippa
watching || less TV, and flexing my mental muscles more. (But also 1 or 2 episodes of 30 Rock before bed)
deciding || what to do with extra junk before moving...sell, donate, trash...
wishing || someone would come wean Pippa off her pacifier for me before the baby comes...pretty please?
planning || a certain little girl's 2nd birthday, a move across the country, and the birth of Baby Brother
enjoying || sunshine and spring blossoms
waiting || for someone to take our town house so we can be done with these showings already!
liking || the third trimester so far
wondering || if it's ok to have a smoothie for every meal?
needing || a snack at 3 a.m. apparently...so hungry all the time!
wearing || the same black maternity tank top every single day
noticing || mamas of a baby and a toddler
smelling || a toddler covered in sticky syrup
thinking || intentionally 
buying || 0-3 month onesies 
feeling || in awe of the changes God has placed in my life


mama said

Moms give the best advice. Sometimes it's wise, sometimes life-or-death. Sometimes it's ridiculous and other times quirky. Our mama has raised six girls, and consequently has had the chance to dispense lots of wisdom and advice.

Now that I am mothering my own children, my first instinct when I have a question about rashes, tantrums, or basically anything else I'm too afraid to Google search, is to pick up the phone and call my mother. Funny how we roll our eyes at our parents' proverbs when we are teenagers, but as soon as we reach adulthood we revert into scared little kids who turn to their parents at every challenge, setback, and confusing recipe. "My mom and dad will know what to do!"

So in honor of Mother's Day, here is some wisdom from my own Mommy Dearest:

Don't talk to shmucks. Called after us as we head out the door on the way to the park, work, the bar, or vacation.

Don't put your drink down. 5/6 of us have turned 21. 5 times now my mom has had to go through the parental nightmare of knowing your child is out on the town with potentially irresponsible friends and LOTS of shmucks. Keep your drink in your hand, ladies!

Always overdress. Mom knows that if you're going somewhere - a graduation party, the airport, the grocery store, etc. - and you're not sure what's appropriate to wear, you would MUCH rather be caught overdressed than underdressed. To this day I still wear dresses to the airport, put makeup on before heading to the grocery store, and wear sundresses almost exclusively all summer long. This definitely comes from our Nana (Mom's mum) and our English heritage.

You're never too good for ANY job. I don't care if you have to go work at McDonalds as a 27 year old college grad. Who do you think you are, young lady? Suck it up and take the honorable work that is available to you. She leads by example, too! 

Suck it up. I will never forget the time I sprained my ankle during an 8th grade basketball game. Tears sprung to my eyes as I felt the twist and sting of the injury. I didn't just ask to be taken out like a tough athlete...no, the coach (my dad) had to come out on the floor and the whole game stopped. My mom also had to came out from the stands. I really was being a baby about it. She was so embarrassed for me, and hissed "Suck it up," as she applied ice to my ankle. I have seen my mom get concussed, gash her finger with a knife, get stung by a swarm of bees to protect one of our sisters when she was a baby, and basically get her nose broken by our dog without tears. She's as tough as they come, and I admire that. Now that doesn't mean mom's not the best caretaker there is when we truly are sick or injured...she just doesn't tolerate unnecessary drama, fake illness or injury, or being a baby.

Be kind to everyone. Doesn't really need an explanation, but is something our mom has not only preached to us over the years, but more importantly lived out by example. I have never seen my mom turn away anyone who needed a bed for the night, a hot meal, a helping hand, or a pan of chocolate chip cookie bars. I mean really inconvenient situations where I would have rolled my eyes and said, "Sorry, you're on your own." 

Go with the flow. Kind of necessary in a family of 8. This has served me well in life.

Always have chocolate chips in the fridge. She didn't so much say this, but just always did it. You never know when you'll have to bake chocolate chip cookies for someone, or when you'll need a quick fix of chocolate and have no desserts in the house!

Going for a walk or vacuuming will solve any problem. Again,  I don't think she ever said this, but whenever my mom needs to think through a situation or blow off steam, she does one of these two things. It seems to work, so....

Have a cup of tea. Sick? Have tea. Sad? Have tea. Mom often thinks this is the solution to any ailment, which is sometimes annoying but also endearing.

Laugh often. Even in the darkest of situations, our mother keeps a sense of humor close at hand. Life is hard, but life is also amazing and beautiful. Laughter helps the tough situations and enhances the good times.

Sisters, did I miss anything?

Everyone else, what is your favorite piece of advice from your own mother or grandmother?


the best moment of my day

You're hearing it everywhere these days, but it's cliché advice for a reason: have an attitude of gratitude (or some variation on the theme). 

I first really tuned into this concept with the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. The writing is a little flowery for my taste, but overall the book inspired me and refocused my mind on how God not only fulfills our needs, but gives us so many other beautiful gifts that we don't even think to ask for.

In that spirit, I'm compiling my own short list of gifts. Several times throughout the week, I've thought, 'I think this is the best part of my day.' I want to share those moments here both as my own exercise of gratitude, and so I can hear some of your favorite ordinary moments.

1. The first 3 sips of coffee when it's that perfect temperature. I'll never find that temperature again by heating it up in the microwave...it's just not the same! So I've been savoring those 3 beautiful sips like an actress in those Folgers commercials.

2. Stepping into the sunshine with Pippa in the stroller and Pablo on the leash for a 45 minute afternoon walk. It's a blessing to be able to move and exercise. It's a joy to have people to share it with. And after a long midwestern winter, I will never take a warm day for granted. Sometimes I listen to an inspiring podcast. Sometimes I just enjoy the birds chirping.

3. Getting into a car warmed up by the sunshine on a chilly spring day. Spring in the midwest can get pretty windy with a remaining chill in the air, so that moment of closing the door and soaking up the warmth are pure bliss. (Also, it probably doesn't help that I insist on wearing flip flops as soon as it hits 50°).

4. Piling into our king size bed to read Pippa her books before bed. She has been having some trouble falling asleep right at bedtime in the last few weeks, so we've extended her bedtime routine to help her ease into it. She calls it "Mommy Daddy 'nuggles." Feeling her newly lanky toddler body relax into me for another round of Buenas Noches Luna must be a piece of heaven. In those moments I have to grab for her sweaty little hands to remind myself that she's still my baby. (The day she stops having sweaty baby hands will be a sad day indeed).

5. Collapsing onto the couch with my best friend and husband after mutually long days. Deciding if tonight will be a healthier Greek yogurt nighttime snack, or popcorn while watching 30 Rock for the 18th time.

Those are just a few of the moments that stop me in my tracks to say a silent prayer of thanks. What are yours?


my virtual magazine: stress and simplicity

We don't get the newspaper. I don't subscribe to magazines. Instead, I like to look at the internet, specifically blogs, as my own free, personal, and virtual magazine each morning. I love that I can pick and choose what is applicable to my life at that moment, and what isn't.

This past week was a stressful one, so articles and posts related to stress and simplicity really spoke to me. I am determined to face this week with a short list of priorities for each day, so I don't find myself overwhelmed when Pippa goes down for her nap. I also realize that I am living in the future instead of enjoying the day that God has given me now. These articles all give some excellent tips for finding joy, rest, and simplicity in even the busiest, most stressful times of our lives.

This devotion was the perfect way to start my morning. 

Sometimes we go through stressful seasons of life. Here are 5 non-negotiables to get though each day.

I love the idea of minimalism, but it's easy to get carried away with legalistic rules that make minimalism more stressful than freeing. Here's a guideline than can help.

Ladies transitioning between maternity, nursing, and different sizes of "regular" clothes can relate to my struggle to keep things simple. Here are some good tips.

Spring cleaning! I'm in spring cleaning overdrive right now with a cross-country move and a new baby in the near futures. This article is filled to the brim with practical tips for decluttering, organizing, and storing things in your home. 


a crucible of sorts


noun | cru • ci • ble 
: a difficult test or challenge
: a place or situation that forces people to change or make difficult decisions

Thanks, Merriam-Webster.

Anyway, we seem to have found ourselves in a nice little crucible of challenge and change. First there's the conundrum of packing while keeping the house perfectly clean for showings. Then there's just...pregnancy in general, and figuring out in what state and hospital we will give birth. Also, someone seems to have entered the terrible 2's a few months early. She's certainly been strong-willed and vocal about her preferences lately. Finally, there are all the everyday responsibilities that come with being an adult. 

School ends in 5 weeks. The countdown to our cross-country move is now 8 weeks and change. Baby's guess date is in exactly 12 weeks. The showings on our town home will, apparently, never end. Ever. And anyone who has ever tried to keep a home show-worthy with a toddler and a dog knows this is a Herculean task. (Maybe it's just because I'm pregnant or out of shape or both, but I feel like I've run a marathon after cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, swiffering, and wiping down mirrors). 

It's so absurd to complain, because we don't even own the townhouse, so we don't have to worry about selling it, or even setting up the showings on our own. We just have to keep the place clean and vacate the premises when necessary - that nomad life. So many friends are in the same situation right now, but with the added stress and pressure of actually selling the home and having multiple children. And after venting to my mom, I am reminded that she and my dad did this at least 6 times while in the process of having their 6 children. Perspective.

Most days I feel up to the task, even excited about everything that's happening. Then there are days where the exhaustion knocks me flat on my back, and let's just blame the pregnancy hormones for all the emotions that come bubbling to the surface. Just keeping it real, folks. 

I'm getting better at prioritizing, and deciding what truly needs to get done each day, what can wait, and what can get done in a "good-enough-for-now" manner. (I'm looking at you, hiding extra junk in the garage when there's a showing). 

I'm also learning that most worthwhile changes come after a period of intense work and challenge. 

And most importantly, I'm learning that I am human. I can only do and handle so much. But God  promises to be my refuge in times of stress. When I am weak, then his strength is shown. When I feel overwhelmed, it is then that he shows me what he can do. 

Our current situation is temporarily stressful, and will lead to so much joy. It is truly not trouble or hardship. Many face far more difficult and dire situations on a daily basis. Many battle illness, tragedy, and persecution. 

Despite knowing all of that intellectually, I still feel overwhelmed some days. So I am reading and rereading this section of scripture:

"But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong." {2 Corinthians 12:9-10}

I'm thankful for God's mercy each day. I'm grateful for those around me who have shown me grace as I fumble through our "crucible of change." I'm thankful for all that I'm going through, and all that lies ahead. 

In conclusion:
It's all good. The end. 


state of the family - april 2015

Here we are, mid-April, and it is the best of time, it is the worst of times. (But mostly the best).

Somehow, I was just sitting in my parents' living room with all my sisters crafting my New Years Mini Goals. (April is "a sound mind - adult learning" by the way. I have been successful with my January - March goals...but have not really pushed myself in all aspects of my April goals). In that respect, I blinked and 3.5 months passed me by.

Conversely, I feel like we are in a vortex of time that moves like molasses. Come summer, we are packing all of our belongings, attending Justin's sister's wedding, moving to Florida, and having our second baby. When I think about what the near future has to hold, each day seems like a lifetime.

I suppose that's life, huh? When we look back, we can't believe how quickly time has passed. When we look ahead, we feel impatient. My focus has been on enjoying the present, or at least experiencing the present, instead of wishing the time away. Thank goodness for lovely spring weather! It has allowed us to make impromptu fun outings to the park, to get ice cream, and to the zoo!

state of the bump

I truly can't complain about how pregnancy has been going lately. Once morning sickness subsided (around 20 weeks), I began to feel more like myself - energetic, ambitious, happy, and excited once again. The bump has been growing at an alarming rate (probably at a normal rate actually...just seems so much faster the second time around).

That doesn't mean I haven't had the normal aches and pains that go along with pregnancy - it's just part of the deal! But seeing a chiropractor, prenatal yoga, exercise, and mostly healthy eating have helped with a lot of those minor complaints.

I'm craving sweets for sure. Specifically ice cream and fresh fruit. I don't think I have any aversions now that the morning sickness is gone. I've been SO THIRSTY, and chugging water like it's my job. I have a water bottle on both floors of the house, and I keep a third one in the fridge ready to go.

Easter weekend was momentous for baby brother, in that we actually decided to spend a little money and buy him some clothes! The entire Carter's store was 50% off, so he got a few onesies, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of pajamas, and a fedora - he'll be a beach baby after all!

I'm currently at 26 weeks and 5 days, so just over 13 weeks left (in theory) until we get to meet baby boy!

state of the pip

Parenting can be a lonely job, especially if you have had the experience of staying home with a baby while your spouse works outside the home. I consider staying home with my babies a privilege, and I truly don't take it for granted. That doesn't mean that those midwest winter days stuck inside with a nonverbal child don't get long, though!

But then this magical thing happens...your itty bitty baby starts to get long and lanky, and starts walking and talking and dancing and making jokes and developing their own quirky personality. Suddenly you have a companion! Someone to (kind of) talk to and have memories and jokes with.

And that's where we are with our 22 (what!?!?) month old, Philippa Florence. Her verbal development is exploding, and I think my jaw drops on a daily basis at the words and phrases she thinks to say. She is sweet and sassy, silly and smart, observant and obstinate.

Here are a few of my current favorite Pipisms:

- While I was holding her, resting her legs on the bump, she felt baby brother kick. Her eyes widened, and she said, "Mommy, that's the baby!" Followed by, "Más baby!" (more baby)
- She likes to tease us with her love. She'll say, "I yup you! (I love you)" but point to anything but us. This morning she took it a step further and said, "I....yup..." her eyes darted around, clearly trying to think of something silly to get a reaction from us, and then decided on something, "I...yup...you, Baby!" and pointed to my belly. I know she was playing us, but my heart melted.
- Counting 1-10 en español - but always skips siete.
- Singing her ABCs (but for some reason she calls the song "EFG")
- Singing Jesus Loves Me/Cristo Me Ama in English and Spanish
- "Wauwee" - how she says sorry. A few weeks ago, she ran into a lady in public restroom, and say, "Oh! Wauwee."
- "Sink, sink, sink." while tapping a finger to her temple. She loves to list all the characters from Winnie the Pooh and what they say. Pooh is "think, think, think," but with her lisp it comes out "sink." Piglet is "oh d-d-d-dear!" Tigger is "hoo hoo hoo hoo!" And Eeyore is "Thanks for noticing me." She cracks up at this one, shakes her head, and goes, "Oh, Eeyore."
- "Tank you." 
- "Oh well."
- "Ay yi yi!" 
- "Mommy, nuggles?" when she wants snuggles
- "Jeans are too tight." and the clothing preferences have begun.
- "Oh, yes!"
- At the park she was very independent...but then would realize she didn't know where I was and would yell, "Mommy? I see you?"
- "Baby buh-bump, buh-bump at doctor." talking about hearing the baby's heart beat
- spells her name "P - I - P- I!" 

I'm sure I'm missing some, because she seriously learns to say something new every day. I want to bottle her up and keep her this way forever! So instead I'm taking as many videos as my iPhone can hold. 

She loves Curious George, Winnie the Pooh, and "Bob" - Veggie Tales. She sleeps with monkey, George, Minnie Mouse, Snoopy, and Pete. She is quick to throw a "fit" if she doesn't get what she wants - she has really perfected the fake cry. It usually stops quickly with a stern look and a "Do you want a time out?" We are having so much fun with her at this age! Here are some of my favorite pictures of her right now:

She is going to make an awesome big sister! I can't wait to see the 2 of them together!

Justin is enjoying coaching bowling at school - and loving that so many students are getting into it! He is also doing his best to keep his pregnant wife and toddler daughter happy. We are both soaking up the last few months with the students we have - we are going to miss the families at our church and school so much when we move. Not much else is new with the adults in the family, except that we're trying to fulfill our Stillwater, MN bucket lists before we move! 

And congratulations if you made it through that novel. I'm no good at scrapbooking, so it's really fun to have these archives to look back at the different stages of pregnancy and babyhood - it all passes so quickly, and you somehow forget everything you think you'll remember forever. And now we're off for another fun outing with gorgeous weather. Hurray for spring!


so...what exactly do you do?

With my husband driving in the seat beside me, my daughter napping in the backseat listening to the Veggie Tales CD for the 96th time this weekend, and our little bambino doing calisthenics in my tummy, I sneak in some work time using the data on my cell phone. 

As I set my phone down, I can’t help but reflect on how much I have grown to appreciate network marketing and residual income over the last year. I can work from the road, a hotel, my comfy couch, while visiting family - anywhere! Even better, I can choose not to work on holidays or vacations - and I don’t ask permission from anyone. I don’t have to forfeit family time in the evenings when my husband gets home from his job. I can be sick on the couch for weeks on end with morning sickness, and still see an email every Monday telling me I got paid. 

From someone who has worked in fast food, retail, food service, babysitting, coaching. as a receptionist, and as a substitute teacher, this is by far the most freedom I have found in a part time job. I remember the knot in my stomach waiting for the waitressing schedule to come out, scared to see if I got the requested time off I needed or not. I remember the stress of calling 7 different coworkers to see if they could cover for me. I remember the frustration of figuring out what to do with our daughter when both my husband and I were coaching in tournaments on the same weekend. 

I have definitely found a better way. Not a scam. Not a pyramid scheme. Here are a few questions and concerns I had before I got started, and my answer now:

  1. So what is it you actually do? How do you earn an extra stream of income? The simple answer is:
      1. Take the products and get incredible results.
      2. Share those results with others.
      3. Help people who want to drop a few pounds, have more energy, have better mental clarity, or earn an extra stream of income find a solution. 
    The longer answer is that each day looks different. 
    Sometimes I have people coming to me in search of those solutions as a result of me sharing my story or my friends’ and family’s story.
    Sometimes I see people who could benefit from one of our solutions and reach out to them. (I educate, you decide, I support you!) 
    Sometimes I am helping people on my team get started with their products, or  showing them how to earn extra income. 
    Sometimes I am listening to podcasts as I take a walk, or listening to a team call while I plan out my next day. 
    Sometimes I go to events to learn more about our company.
    Sometimes I am doing personal development - Bible reading, devotions, personal growth books, etc.
  2. Do I have to be one of those annoying people no one wants to talk to because I’m always trying to sell them something? Answer: No, you don’t. You are more than your job. Be a real person. Connect with others. Learn what is going on in other people’s lives. If you see a way you can be of service, offer a solution humbly and respectfully. And then support them whether or not they choose to join you. You’re not selling anything. You’re sharing a solution that worked for you. You are serving others. 
  3. Do I have to spam everyone’s Facebook feed with my products? Answer: No. You can connect with others however you choose. Social media is a wonderful tool to reach many people at once. Again, though, be a real person. Be yourself. Share bits and pieces of your life, what you find funny, things you love to do, and if you want, occasionally - occasionally - share how these products or this company is changing your life for the better, just as you would a great book, movie, or restaurant.
  4. How often do I have to work? Will I be doing parties all the time? Answer: Work as much or as little as you want. I put in a solid hour as Pippa naps each day, and often a bit more after she goes to bed. Just remember that you will get out of this what you put into it. If you work efficiently and consistently, you will see results. If you do nothing for a month, don’t expect people to be knocking at your door asking to join your team.  As far as parties, do it if it works for you to do it. I have done 2 (well...2.5) since I started a year ago. As a stay-at-home-mom, though, it doesn’t always work for me to do. So I find other ways to connect. 
  5. Do I have to handle money? Ship things? Answer: no. You are literally sharing the product, and you help others set up their accounts online. The website (free, by the way, when you enroll) takes care of payment, and the product is shipped right to their house. 
  6. Do I know enough people who will join me? Answer: yes. And if you don’t, you will meet people. Do you know 2 people who eat? Want to look better and feel more energetic? Help them find their 2 people and your products are paid for. Do that for 10 people, and you’ve made it to the highest level of the company. And it’s not always about who you know, it’s about who you’ll meet. 
  7. Will I have to step outside my comfort zone? Answer: Um, yes. But with big payoff. Time freedom, financial freedom, and health await on the other side. I can’t tell you how much I have grown spiritually and emotionally in the past year. Totally worth temporary discomfort. 
Whether you are a college student or recent grad looking to avoid or pay off students loans, a stay-at-home-parent looking to contribute to the family’s income, or you love your job, but are looking for a way to afford travel, more giving, or a better professional wardrobe, you can do it. Find those spare moments in your day. Take the product, share your results, help others do the same.